Style Tips for wearing socks that look trendy

One of the main objectives in summer is to look stylish whilst keeping cool and as we prepare to leave the end of summer days, men’s seasonal sartorial style is enjoying one final burst before the Autumnal leaves fall. Thanks to street style gods like Nick Kershaw and Oliver Cheshire, going sockless has never been trendier (or looked so good). However, in order to properly and comfortably achieve the look, there are certain rules that you should follow with the ´mankle´ which will allow you to champion the look without undermining the hygiene or style ranks.

1. Invest In Invisible Socks

Unless you are one of the 1% of people who like rancid smelling shoes and yellow nail infections, going sockless is one area which can have a really negative impact on the health of your feet. The whole point of the style is to ´create´ the illusion of bare feet whilst avoiding the damp, squishy reality that going barefoot so easily accommodates. Rather than attracting a steady accumulation of sweat (which will eventually form into a pungent spot), by investing in a quality pair of invisible socks, you can maintain the life of your footwear and the health of your feet for longer. The King of contemporary style, Calvin Klein, produces a great range of  invisible socks which although may not be known for their aesthetic, come with a smart detail of small rubber bands on their inside which prevents them for unrolling when you walk under the rays  of the midday sun. If you are feeling a little more flash, then check out the more opulent offerings from atelier Falke.

2. Don’t Ruin The Look

It may have been a taboo in Victorian times, but fast forward a century and a half and you will discover that these days, there is nothing titillating or taboo in showing a couple of inches of ankle. However, try to remember in the general name of good taste (and pushing your experimental style too much) that you can have too much of a good thing, so if your street style consists of three quarter length trousers or the resurrection of plus four pants then you are in dangerous territory of leaving the boundaries of good taste. Quite simply, the best way to achieve a sockless look is to reveal a hint of leg from a discreet break in the bottom of the trousers.

3. Choose The Right Cut

This season, many high street designers presented a variation in trouser styles, from the long and skinny to the wider legged options, which on the proper candidate can look rather trendy worn without socks and a pair of Monk straps, Derbies or simple trainers. For all the men out there who don´t work in the creative industries, look like models or have the confidence to work new and inspiring looks, a safe and more popular option is to go sockless in tailored, slim legwear. By terminating your trouser length at the finish or just above your ankle level, you can present some pleasing lines and a clean, sophisticated image.

4. Mankle Maintenance

Unless you are one of the few men out there who are lucky enough to possess a pair of soft and flawless ankles, you will need to pay attention to the condition of your foot skin before showcasing it to your public because a vision of flaky and pale ankles with wiry hair can really ruin the overall image of this look. By using exfoliating body scrubs and foot moisturiser (Scholl foot repair cream is an excellent investment to maintain the care of your feet) and applying some subtle colour (St Tropez´s Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion has a cult following and will allow you that subtle flash of colour) both these products and a little more daily care will allow you to put your best foot forward in achieving your seamless sockless style.

5. Dress For The Occasion

When adopting the sockless look, try to keep in mind any dress codes and formalities that your events / occasions diary may present you with before introducing your mankles to friends and families. Although this look can look polished and sophisticated, there are more traditional events that demand protocol is observed such as traditional office environments or formal wedding events. Thanks to the digital era and the relaxation of more traditional business ways of dressing, business casual is a common dress code in many offices today making the sockless look one which can be successfully achieved with a pair of slightly cropped and softly tapered monochromatic trousers. By combining this look with low contoured loafers and a crisp oxford shirt, you will still snatch admiring glances from a less formal look.

If you do still want to keep your style more smart than casual, then complimenting this look with a tie and a blazer will allow you to take to all sectors of social functions with the style and grace that you deserve.