New Moms Must Be Always Stylis With Accessories

momsThe most important thing as a new mom is to be kind and patient with yourself – it’s not an easy task bringing life into the world and caring for a little baby. Cut yourself some slack whenever you can – and pat yourself on the back when you’ve showered before 4pm. If you are pregnant or a new mom, chances are you have found yourself with a whole bunch of needs, which include accessories that you probably never even thought of.  Your body is changing, your life is different and you have a new baby, or one on the way.  Check out these accessories musts for expecting and new moms

Initials Jewelry

Carry your children with you even when you are not literally carrying them.  You can place your children’s initials on just about anything, but a beautiful place to do it is through your jewelry.  Alex Woo makes Little Letters where every letter has its own identity so you can carry your child’s name like a brand.   Plus, you can add on as your add on to your family

Nursing Scarves

If you plan on breastfeeding, having some nursing scarves on hand is smart.  It is likely you will need to breastfeed in public and, as you probably know, there continues to be a raging debate about doing this in plain sight.  You can choose basic styles, but it’s even smarter to choose scarves designed for breastfeeding specifically.

Pregnancy Music Belt

Studies have shown that playing music to your baby while in the womb has tremendous benefits.  It prepares the baby’s ears and brain to listen, creates a wonderful bonding experience for mom and baby, reduces stress levels during pregnancy, enhances the stimulation of your unborn baby’s growing brain, and improves sleeping patterns for a newborn baby.

While you could easily place speakers on your belly, you can also consider using a pregnancy music belt. This type of music device spreads the music across several points around the womb, ensuring that volume is not overly concentrated in any one place and thus causing harm to the baby.

Maternity Suspenders

Even when you’re not pregnant it can be hard to keep your pants up.  How often do you find yourself tugging at your skinny jeans to keep from revealing your muffing top.  Now imagine how tricky it can be to keep your pants up when you are pregnant?  That is why there are Maternity Suspenders which keeps your low-rise pants and skirts up! Undetectable under clothing and completely comfortable to wear.

Pocket Dots

If you love your maternity band but don’t like the way it slides up your back, Pocket Dots make it so you don’t have to tug and adjust it all day and to prevent showing too much skin.

Pregnancy Wedge

Sleeping is something that moms-to-be crave.  It can be so hard to get comfortable.  A pregnancy wedge is such a great solution.  When sleeping on your side it can be wedged under the belly for support and it can also be used in other areas for comfort too

Comfortable Shoes

There are so many reason that comfortable shoes are crucial when you are pregnant.  You feet will likely swell, you’ll be carrying extra weight and forget doing things like trying your shoes.  You don’t have to resign yourself to an unsightly pair of Crocs, but look for styles that are roomy, don’t have to be laced and are supportive and comfortable

Maternity Pants Extender

During that time when your pants are getting snug but you don’t necessarily need pregnancy pants, there are some solutions to help give you a little extra room around the waist.  The simple solution is to add a rubber band or hair band around the button and through the button hole.  If you want something a little more sophisticated, there are also belly bands designed specifically for this that will also grow as you do

Maternity Tights and Sheers

Let’s face it, wearing tights can be uncomfortable enough to wear even when you’re not pregnant.   Adding pregnancy to the mix introduces a whole new level of discomfort making maternity wearing tights an absolute nightmare.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Just like there are good and bad tights for regular wear, there are good and bad tights for pregnancy.  If you have to wear them, choose the best you can find.  Spanx makes pregnancy sheers with a lot of support and they are a top rated style by many moms-to-be

Belly Band Support

When that cute baby bump starts to get uncomfortable, you’ll wish for some support to ease your lower back pain and discomfort.  You’ll also want something that is breathable, comfortable and easy to wear, like this.

A belly band will also relieve pelvic area and joint fatigue and lessens spinal pressure due to unbalanced baby weight