How To Choose The Right Bandana For Always Beauty

After I buy some pieces of bandanas, I can’t wait to try them on. Of course, I will wash them first in order to make the cloth soft and clean. The bandanas are in pretty good colors and condition. They are in bright colors which can show exactly a vital feel in  beautiful spring. Also, they must be breezy and pretty when they are worn in a stylish way.

I decide to follow some tutorials because I haven’t wrapped a bandana before. Thanks to the tutorials, I learn how to fold a right bandana and how to tie it around my head. My favorite bandana hair is the ponytail with a bandana. To tie a bandana in a ponytail is to give life to a simple hairstyle. It’s best for girls who have long black hair to spice up their looks. There are an endless number of different ways to wear a bandana and they all create a totally different look. Ready to get seriously schooled in the art of the bandana? Let’s get started!

The Forehead Wrap-Around

Step One: Hold the middle of scarf at the center of your forehead.

Step Two: Pull the ends of the scarf to the back of your head and push them underneath your hair. Tie them into a simple knot.

Step Three: Adjust the bandana to show the top of your hair but cover your forehead

The Scarf-Style Wrap

Step One: Fold the bandana in half to a make triangle.

Step Two: Hold the ends and wrap the bandana around your neck so that the triangle is in the front and pointing downward.

Step Three: Tie the ends behind your neck. Tuck the excess fabric underneath the knot.

The Square Knot

Step One: Drape the bandana around your neck so the ends are hanging down in front. Adjust it so that one end is longer than the other.

Step Two: Cross the long end over the shorter end.

Step Three: Once you have crossed the longer end over, you’ll have a loop. Pull the longer end through the loop.

Step Four: Pull the longer end behind the short end, then loop it around the front.

Step Five: Take the end of the longer piece that you’ve been looping around and tuck it into the knot.

The Ponytail Wrap

Step One: Make a regular ponytail with a hair-tie. (Avoid hair-ties with metal. Not only are they bad for your hair but they can also snag the fabric and make tying the bandana more of a hassle.)

Step Two: Wrap the bandana around your ponytail and knot it twice. To make it a little extra secure, string the bandana through your hair-tie once at the base of your ponytail before you wrap it around.

The Bandana Bracelet

Step One: Fold the bandana in half into a triangle shape.

Step Two: Starting at the pointed end of the triangle, start folding the bandana lengthwise. Don’t roll it; you want crisp lines.

Step Two: Wrap the folded fabric tightly around your wrist. Leave about an inch of extra fabric hanging on both sides. The exact length will depend on the size of your wrist. Just aim for a comfortable fit that leave you with enough room to knot the loose ends.

Step Three: Tie the fabric into a knot, then fold the excess underneath the knot.

The Boho Casual Look

Step One: Fold the bandana in half lengthwise.

Step Two: Wrap it around the front of your head (with your hair underneath) and leave the loose ends in back.

Step Three: Tie a knot in the back. Leave your hair loose underneath. Go for a bedhead style or beachy waves.

The Sex Kitten-Style Wrapped Bun

Step One: Use a hair donut or a sock bun. (Check out YouTube for some amazingly simple instructions on how to make these useful accessories). Wrap up your hair in the donut or sock, then add a hair tie.

Step Two: Take your bandana and fold it into a triangle. Starting with the pointed edge, roll it up until you have one long piece of fabric.

Step Three: Wrap the rolled-up bandana around your bun. Start at the top so you have loose ends hanging down at the bottom.

Step Four: Take the loose ends and tie them into a bow or let them hang down for a more casual look.

The Retro Look

Step One: Fold your bandana in half to make a triangle.

Step Two: Starting with the point of the triangle, start rolling it up. You’re trying to create a long piece of fabric that’s less than an inch wide.

Step Three: Place the bandana at the base of your hairline, then pull the loops to the top of your head.

Step Four: Tie a knot at the top of your head.

If you really love this look, consider investing in a cloth-wrapped wire headband that has been created just for this style. To maximize the retro appeal, add some cat-ye winged eyeliner.