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Tips For Summer Accessories You must buy

Dressing sharp can be difficult this season.
It’s hot!
You throw on shorts or chinos and a polo and that’s the outfit.
How can you stand out from the crowd with minimal options?The answer is common but often overlooked. Like always gentleman, it’s in the details. Summertime accessories are a little different.
They’re not your usual suspects like neckties. You want accessories are light colored, lightweight, and functional. Many guys (especially those who prefer to dress conservatively) stray from accessories. That’s a mistake. Accessories allow you to stand out and add a touch of your personality to your outfit.
must have summer accessories :

1. Quality Leather Portfolio or Notebook

Leather portfolios are a must have because of their practicality. Portfolios are the modern man’s day to night carry-on. Unlike the fanny pack from days of old, a portfolio provides the proper amount of space for all the essentials.

During the summer months, traveling light for leisure or work becomes a priority. Additionally, the great weather including warm days and cool nights are optimal backdrops for gaining inspiration for creating and managing personal and professional projects and plans.

A portfolio is a great accessory as it is useful for carrying:

  • Notepad for notation or journaling
  • Tablet (iPad/Galaxy etc.)
  • Digital book
  • Pens
  • Business cards

The functionality of a portfolio cannot be overstated. The key is to obtain a well-designed portfolio that’s made from a great company with quality leather. The options are vast so do your research to find the kind of portfolio that fits your needs and lifestyle. Depending on the style, material, or brand, a portfolio can cost between $50 -$1500.

2. Lightweight Footwear

light foot

Footwear is to style as wheels and tires are to cars. The whole look is off when the wheels (footwear) are wrong. Summer is a great time to spice up your shoe game. We’ve discussed at length about understanding and purchasing quality shoes. Quality is determined by the construction and materials (leather). High-quality leather means a high-quality shoe. It also can mean a hot shoe.

Switch it up during the summer with a lightweight shoe that is comfy and breathable. Look to try:

  • Espadrilles – constructed using canvas or cotton for the upper and a sole made of jute rope which is the defining characteristic of the shoe. The breathability of the upper great feature that allows keeps the foot cool and the fabric can hold all types of colors and patterns.
  • Lightweight Sandals – The ultimate laid back summer shoe. I stress lightweight because the leather can still make the foot sweat. Now the key is to get stylish sandals! The hiking sandals are not in that category. A stylish sandal is one that can be worn with nice pair of chinos or linen pants/shorts
  • Canvas sneakers –  The canvas upper is the same technology as the espadrilles but the canvas sneaker is far more casual. Classic gentlemen only pair them with shorts and jeans but they work with chinos as well.

Regardless of the type of lightweight shoe, you decide to choose, make sure that it’s breathable and full of style. It’s the summer so you’re going to show some leg when wearing shorts. Make sure that the shoe is worth looking at.

In addition to the lightweight shoe, make sure that you wear no shoe socks. The upper of most of the suggested footwear doesn’t rise above the ankle. The no show sock is the most stylish option that’s out and it’s functional and can aid in the health of your feet.

Some advantages of wearing socks are:

  • Sweat can be absorbed and wicked away from the foot
  • Helps to manage and prevent foot odor
  • Can prevent fungi from forming
  • Protects the foot from chafing due to rubbing on the shoe

3. The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

It’s the summer so obviously, the sun will be out and shining brightly. This time of year sunglasses are a necessity. The right pair can up your casual style, but the most important thing is to protect your eyes. It’s no secret that sunlight can damage your eyes and the amount of damage can be catastrophic.

The sun emits ultraviolet (UV) rays that will impair the eye over time. The UV rays can lead to:

  • Cataracts – clouding of the lens of the eye that can lead to partial or total blindness
  • Pterygium or pinguecula – grows of fleshy tissue on the eye
  • Ocular melanoma – cancer of the eye; there are eyelid cancers that can be caused by overexposure to UV rays as well

With these conditions being the result of overexposure to UV rays, the benefits of sunglasses far exceed any kind of style value that they may provide.  So please wear them. Your health could really depend on it.

So what about the gents that do wear shades? There is an opportunity to switch it up and try something new that can change up your entire look for the better.  You want to know the shape of your face (hairline + jawline + chin) so that you can have the proper fit.

Heart Shape Face
Features:  Widow’s peak or pointed hairline with a sharp chin and prominent jawline.
Recommendations:  Wear sunglasses that are wider at the top than the bottom and with frames that are polyurethane. This will balance out your sharp chin and strong jawline.
Sunglasses: Aviators are your best friend

Round Face
Features: Widest at the cheekbones but will slightly narrow at the forehead and chin/jawline. Gentlemen who are called cheeky generally fall in this category.
Recommendations: Wear oversized and rectangular frames that will offset the roundness
Sunglasses: Square Aviators, Rectangle-rimless, Wraparound Rectangle, Retro Squared

Oval Shaped Face
Features: This face shape is longer than it is wide
Recommendations: Any round or square frame will work as long as they are proportional to your face. Not too big, not too small.
Sunglasses: Wayfarers, Aviators (all types), Round frames, Clubmasters, Persols, Shields

Square Face
Features: All features are prominent – wide forehead, wide cheekbones, strong jaw.
Recommendations: Frames should soften the hard/strong features to maintain balance
Sunglasses: Round frames, Aviators (all types), Shield

Do note that these are recommendations. The best thing to do is head out to a quality eyewear store or menswear store that has quality items and try them on. It’s ultimately what you feel comfortable and confident in.  Click here for a more detailed graphic about eyewear.

4. A Unique Watch That Stands Out

A watch is a classic element of style that should always be adorned. It should be

  • Functional – tell accurate time over an extended period
  • Durable – should be strong enough to handle your lifestyle
  • Stylish – whether it’s minimalist look or a focal point of the look, the watch should make people think, “Damn!”

Change up your normal routine for timepieces. Switch up the style and/or the brand. There are dozens of quality brands available that you will get your money’s worth out of.  Watches are traditionally in two general styles: watches with straps and watches with metal bracelets. We all have our preference and generally have settled into those.

  • Watches with Straps: The straps can vary in material with the most popular being leather, polyurethane/silicone, Nato thread
  • Watches with Metal Bracelets: the options are steel, aluminum, and precious metals

You can upgrade from these watches to watches with woodgrain. Woodgrain watches provide a light change of pace. These watches take center stage as a standout when most other gentlemen will be wearing traditional leather and metal bands. The options in pairing with your summer attire may be limited. More style possibilities are available when you adopt a new aesthetic.

Woodgrain watches will pair well with:

  • Summer textiles – cotton blends, linen, chambray, seersucker, etc
  • Bright colors that are found in the summer
  • Day to night look – outfits that can transition from the office to dinner or a night out with friends
  • Traditional Metal and Hides to create classic timepieces – Note: Stay away from trendy watches, as classic timepieces will give you the most functionality and are more versatile. As a generalization, trendy watches can suffer in quality.

5. A Summer Hat

Headgear has long been a staple in a gentlemen’s wardrobe. Men have relied on hats to endure all weather and for various occasions. Dating back to medieval times, hats were worn as a sign of sophistication and culture as well as used for necessity.

Just like sunglasses, hats are a functional element of a man’s wardrobe and can be super stylish. Some functional elements of hats are:

– Protect the head/eye/ face from UV rays

– Provide shade from the scorching sun

– Shield the head and face from summer rainstorms

When donning a summer cap, it’s all about the material. As is the case with shirts, summer hats need to be constructed from breathable material and have a sweat wicking or sweat absorbing headband.

The summer is all about being light and fun so your hats should follow suit. Common summer hats are:

  • Straw fedoras
  • Straw trillby hats
  • Straw pork pie hats
  • Linen newsboy caps
  • Polyester baseball caps

An added benefit of upgrading your headgear is the confidence that is will bring. It’s an accessory that draws people and compliments to it. When wearing a great hat it can become the centerpiece of the look.  Wear it proud gents.


Tips for Fashionable in the summer

We’re in the middle of summer, but it’s never too late to vamp up your style game and finish out the season fashionably strong. If you’re looking for ways to update your wardrobe and keep cool, calm, and collected in the hot summer sun, start adding these items to your closet and never fail to impress, whether you’re at a summer barbecue or lamenting the loss of summer vacation in the office

Stylish Socks

When it’s time to pull off the deck shoes and put on some sneakers or dress shoes for the evening, men’s socks can be the perfect way to add some flair to your duds. The sock industry has become a major player in men’s fashion; what used to be a common commodity has now become a fashion statement piece. In 2014, socks were estimated to be a $5.6 billion dollar industry. Talk about fashion power. The best part of investing in some staple sock pieces is your ability to hone in on your own personal fashion references; from colors to prints to out-of-this-world designs, the sky is really the limit when it comes to your feet


Looking for a fashion piece that doesn’t cost the contents of your wallet? Consider a bandana. This street style trend has been gaining more popularity, and neckerchiefs are the perfect way to show off your trendsetting style without breaking the bank. Tie a bandana around your neck to set off an otherwise plain white tee, and use color to your advantage to add some depth and intrigue to any neutrals-oriented outfit.

A Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets have long been a fashion staple of trendy guys, but these jackets are definitely making a resurgence this year. You can find this cut and style in major department stores of all types, and better yet, you can find them in a plethora of styles and fabrics, so you’re sure to snag a jacket that matches your personal style, no problem. You’ll also find there are a variety of color hues to choose from in men’s jackets this year, with emeralds and bright pink making their way to the men’s runway. This versatile jacket can be used throughout the seasons, and is definitely going to be a wardrobe favorite. Best part? It can be dressed up or down to make for a great addition to any style choice.

The Quintessential Polo Shirt

The polo shirt isn’t just for the Hamptons, and it’s not reserved for middle school yearbook photos. The polo is poised to make a big comeback in everyday fashion circles, and lovers of this old-school preppy style can find this shirt style in a variety of prints and patterns that provide a fantastic overhaul on a once-outdated shirt trend. The new polo shirts are perfect for casual backyard shindigs, but you can also find upscale versions that will work great with a blazer thrown over the top for an evening soiree.

White Denim

White denim is back on the scene, and this versatile piece is going to be a welcome addition to your wardrobe throughout the seasons. Easy to match with neutral colors also saturating the runway and simple to pair with blue denim jacket options, you’ll find white jeans are the pants you never realized you needed. Lighter and easier to handle in the summer heat, this preppy, elegant look is sure to garner you a few well-deserved fashion stares.

A Linen Shirt

In the summer time, it’s important to let your skin breathe, and thick, heavy cotton isn’t going to do you any favors under the warm blasting rays of the sun. Linen shirts are a classic item every guy should have in his closet. Lightweight and breezy, they fully encapsulate everything summer wear should. Best part of linen? It’s meant to look wrinkled and worn-in, so you can put that ironing board away for the time being.

Any Tips for try Summer Dresses

With the warmer weather finally here, we’ve been eyeing up our favourite summer dresses to see us through the season. From colourful abstract and floral prints to dramatic colour blocking to pretty pastels, we’ve got the hottest summer trends sewn up in our fashion team’s edit.

The wonderful thing about summer dresses is that they’re so versatile, which means that whatever your body shape or style, you’ll be able to find something that suits. Hate showing your arms? No problem, just opt for a flattering long sleeved summer dress instead. Or if you consider your legs to be your biggest trouble area, then we’ve got plenty of styles that will help you cover up your pins.

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with an hourglass figure, then you’ll look fantastic in tailored dresses that show off your curves. Got more of an apple body shape? Opt for a classic, wearable shift in a geometric print, like this tunic dress from La Redoute, £59. Meanwhile women with pear shapes should draw attention to their top halves with a detailed top number. Tall and slim? Show off your height with a floral dress.

Perfect for any occasion, you can dress your summer frock up with a pair of heels and some sparkling accessories for a night on the town or keep it casual with sandal flats and a stylish hat for holiday comfort. Or make your summer dress work for the office by pairing it with our favourite summer sandals. A flattering summer dress is this season’s ultimate must-have buy as you’ll be able to wear it again and again. Click through for even more must-haves for summer days

Stripe dress


This stripe shift dress from Hobbs works for almost every occasion – from afternoon picnics to formal barbecues and more. Add wedges and a denim jacket to keep it casual, or heeled sandals and a cross-body bag to dress it up.

Print dress


The ultimate summer dress comes in the form of this beautiful floaty style from LK Bennett. A perfect length to suit all, and with a waist-skimming sillhouette and floaty angel sleeves, just add simple strappy heels and a clutch to wow at any occasion.

Lace dress

Lace dress

We may have found the perfect versatile occasion dress in the form of this lilac lace shift from Reiss. Perfectly on-trend for the season ahead, you’re guaranteed to stand out if you’re wearing this. Pair with metallic accessories to finish the look.

Patterned dress


A dress with sleeves is one of the most versatile buys for any woman. Opt for a style that’s not too fitted in a premium material (this one’s silk), and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a timeless fashion buy. We love the summery Boho pattern on this offering.

Tips For Cold Weather style for keep you trendy

It’s time to stock up on some stylish winter buys now that that the cold weather is about to set in.
your winter wardrobe with a few key pieces and statement accessories
will make getting dressed for winter a cinch – no matter how low the
mercury dips!
From the hardworking bag that will toughen up your
look to a thermal top that you’ll actually want to wear and, of course,
all the winter accessories you need to beat the chill, shop our top ten
cold weather style buys now


These chic classics are perfect for keeping out the winter chill without
resorting to unsophistcated wool. Featuring leather and a cosy fleece lining, these John Lewis leather gloves are one accessory you should snap up today


If you haven’t already discovered Uniqlo’s cold weather secret weapon, this winter is the time to do it. The brand’s Heattech range of layered clothes and accessories are perfect for layering. Featuring special heat-retaining properties, they’re the extra layer than will stop you shivering when the mercury plummets – we guarantee.


Keeping your feet warm is a winter weather priority, so why not slip them into these cosy lined boots from JD Williams. The durable upper sole and low price tag make these a seasonal must-have.


As the one of Catherine Middleton’s favourite high street shops, LK Bennett never fails to impress us with their stylish offerings. Add understated luxe to your winter look with this cashmere-blend jumper

Style Tips for wearing socks that look trendy

One of the main objectives in summer is to look stylish whilst keeping cool and as we prepare to leave the end of summer days, men’s seasonal sartorial style is enjoying one final burst before the Autumnal leaves fall. Thanks to street style gods like Nick Kershaw and Oliver Cheshire, going sockless has never been trendier (or looked so good). However, in order to properly and comfortably achieve the look, there are certain rules that you should follow with the ´mankle´ which will allow you to champion the look without undermining the hygiene or style ranks.

1. Invest In Invisible Socks

Unless you are one of the 1% of people who like rancid smelling shoes and yellow nail infections, going sockless is one area which can have a really negative impact on the health of your feet. The whole point of the style is to ´create´ the illusion of bare feet whilst avoiding the damp, squishy reality that going barefoot so easily accommodates. Rather than attracting a steady accumulation of sweat (which will eventually form into a pungent spot), by investing in a quality pair of invisible socks, you can maintain the life of your footwear and the health of your feet for longer. The King of contemporary style, Calvin Klein, produces a great range of  invisible socks which although may not be known for their aesthetic, come with a smart detail of small rubber bands on their inside which prevents them for unrolling when you walk under the rays  of the midday sun. If you are feeling a little more flash, then check out the more opulent offerings from atelier Falke.

2. Don’t Ruin The Look

It may have been a taboo in Victorian times, but fast forward a century and a half and you will discover that these days, there is nothing titillating or taboo in showing a couple of inches of ankle. However, try to remember in the general name of good taste (and pushing your experimental style too much) that you can have too much of a good thing, so if your street style consists of three quarter length trousers or the resurrection of plus four pants then you are in dangerous territory of leaving the boundaries of good taste. Quite simply, the best way to achieve a sockless look is to reveal a hint of leg from a discreet break in the bottom of the trousers.

3. Choose The Right Cut

This season, many high street designers presented a variation in trouser styles, from the long and skinny to the wider legged options, which on the proper candidate can look rather trendy worn without socks and a pair of Monk straps, Derbies or simple trainers. For all the men out there who don´t work in the creative industries, look like models or have the confidence to work new and inspiring looks, a safe and more popular option is to go sockless in tailored, slim legwear. By terminating your trouser length at the finish or just above your ankle level, you can present some pleasing lines and a clean, sophisticated image.

4. Mankle Maintenance

Unless you are one of the few men out there who are lucky enough to possess a pair of soft and flawless ankles, you will need to pay attention to the condition of your foot skin before showcasing it to your public because a vision of flaky and pale ankles with wiry hair can really ruin the overall image of this look. By using exfoliating body scrubs and foot moisturiser (Scholl foot repair cream is an excellent investment to maintain the care of your feet) and applying some subtle colour (St Tropez´s Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion has a cult following and will allow you that subtle flash of colour) both these products and a little more daily care will allow you to put your best foot forward in achieving your seamless sockless style.

5. Dress For The Occasion

When adopting the sockless look, try to keep in mind any dress codes and formalities that your events / occasions diary may present you with before introducing your mankles to friends and families. Although this look can look polished and sophisticated, there are more traditional events that demand protocol is observed such as traditional office environments or formal wedding events. Thanks to the digital era and the relaxation of more traditional business ways of dressing, business casual is a common dress code in many offices today making the sockless look one which can be successfully achieved with a pair of slightly cropped and softly tapered monochromatic trousers. By combining this look with low contoured loafers and a crisp oxford shirt, you will still snatch admiring glances from a less formal look.

If you do still want to keep your style more smart than casual, then complimenting this look with a tie and a blazer will allow you to take to all sectors of social functions with the style and grace that you deserve.

4 Tips Best Running Sports Shoes for Women

Exercising is a must do to keep the body healthy and fit always. but many people do not have time to do it because there is no time to spare for the bustle of everyday activities. a walk and run is the most simple and easy sport to why we need to do as a supporting accessroies sports shoes. spoke sports shoes here are a few references to support:

  1. Champion Women’s Gusto Runner

The shoes are made from Champion. They are fabric shoes which are breathable with mesh upper layers. The Champion shoes have memory foam insole that can fit your feet perfectly while have flexible outsole. You can run, go hiking or walk in the comfortable shoes. There are various colors to choose, from bright colors to deep colors.

In addition, the price is reasonable. You can get a pair of great shoes with low price. You can wear the light shoes for sports or supermarkets and you will feel easy to step on them. Enjoy your life with Champion Women Shoes

  1. Saucony Originals Women’s Bullet Sneaker

The shoes have different colors to choose, from pastel colors to deep colors. They are all cute but low-profile. The instep is made of fabric and leather and the sole is made of rubber which can fit your feet well. The sneakers are designed in good silhouette.

These shoes are suitable for running, jogging, hiking, climbing or walking. They can be worn for any place, like parks, tracks… It is comfortable for women to do sports or it is great for daily life and vacation. You can feel free and relaxing in the shoes. They won’t give too much weight on your feet

  1. New Balance Women’s WT410V4 Trail-Running Shoe

New Balance produces WT410V4 Trail-running Shoes. The famous brand always meets costumers’ needs. It tries best to design and produce perfect shoes for costumers. The WT410V4 is one of the great words from the brand. The shoes are made of textile and synthetic. They have rubber sole inside and comfortable footbed. There is New Balance logo on side. The shoes are not designed in bright colors this time but they still look pretty.

If you choose this style of NB shoe, you can use it for running, walking or hiking. It is good for price as well as comfortable to fit any foot. The shoes will not let you down with their high quality

  1. Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Seacoast Fashion Sneaker

There are various colors to be chosen for the Sperry women shoes. The canvas shoes are so classic that they can go well with both sports clothes and daily outfits. It is easy for women to wear the sneakers. However, the seacoast fashion sneakers are more than slippers. They are versatile and useful. You can walk and run in these comfy shoes.

The shoes will give you a casual look due to the rubber sole, the low-profile silhouette and the fabric material. You will find that they are cute and comfortable to be worn. Choose your favorite color and have a pair of Sperry sneakers.

How To Choose The Right Bandana For Always Beauty

After I buy some pieces of bandanas, I can’t wait to try them on. Of course, I will wash them first in order to make the cloth soft and clean. The bandanas are in pretty good colors and condition. They are in bright colors which can show exactly a vital feel in  beautiful spring. Also, they must be breezy and pretty when they are worn in a stylish way.

I decide to follow some tutorials because I haven’t wrapped a bandana before. Thanks to the tutorials, I learn how to fold a right bandana and how to tie it around my head. My favorite bandana hair is the ponytail with a bandana. To tie a bandana in a ponytail is to give life to a simple hairstyle. It’s best for girls who have long black hair to spice up their looks. There are an endless number of different ways to wear a bandana and they all create a totally different look. Ready to get seriously schooled in the art of the bandana? Let’s get started!

The Forehead Wrap-Around

Step One: Hold the middle of scarf at the center of your forehead.

Step Two: Pull the ends of the scarf to the back of your head and push them underneath your hair. Tie them into a simple knot.

Step Three: Adjust the bandana to show the top of your hair but cover your forehead

The Scarf-Style Wrap

Step One: Fold the bandana in half to a make triangle.

Step Two: Hold the ends and wrap the bandana around your neck so that the triangle is in the front and pointing downward.

Step Three: Tie the ends behind your neck. Tuck the excess fabric underneath the knot.

The Square Knot

Step One: Drape the bandana around your neck so the ends are hanging down in front. Adjust it so that one end is longer than the other.

Step Two: Cross the long end over the shorter end.

Step Three: Once you have crossed the longer end over, you’ll have a loop. Pull the longer end through the loop.

Step Four: Pull the longer end behind the short end, then loop it around the front.

Step Five: Take the end of the longer piece that you’ve been looping around and tuck it into the knot.

The Ponytail Wrap

Step One: Make a regular ponytail with a hair-tie. (Avoid hair-ties with metal. Not only are they bad for your hair but they can also snag the fabric and make tying the bandana more of a hassle.)

Step Two: Wrap the bandana around your ponytail and knot it twice. To make it a little extra secure, string the bandana through your hair-tie once at the base of your ponytail before you wrap it around.

The Bandana Bracelet

Step One: Fold the bandana in half into a triangle shape.

Step Two: Starting at the pointed end of the triangle, start folding the bandana lengthwise. Don’t roll it; you want crisp lines.

Step Two: Wrap the folded fabric tightly around your wrist. Leave about an inch of extra fabric hanging on both sides. The exact length will depend on the size of your wrist. Just aim for a comfortable fit that leave you with enough room to knot the loose ends.

Step Three: Tie the fabric into a knot, then fold the excess underneath the knot.

The Boho Casual Look

Step One: Fold the bandana in half lengthwise.

Step Two: Wrap it around the front of your head (with your hair underneath) and leave the loose ends in back.

Step Three: Tie a knot in the back. Leave your hair loose underneath. Go for a bedhead style or beachy waves.

The Sex Kitten-Style Wrapped Bun

Step One: Use a hair donut or a sock bun. (Check out YouTube for some amazingly simple instructions on how to make these useful accessories). Wrap up your hair in the donut or sock, then add a hair tie.

Step Two: Take your bandana and fold it into a triangle. Starting with the pointed edge, roll it up until you have one long piece of fabric.

Step Three: Wrap the rolled-up bandana around your bun. Start at the top so you have loose ends hanging down at the bottom.

Step Four: Take the loose ends and tie them into a bow or let them hang down for a more casual look.

The Retro Look

Step One: Fold your bandana in half to make a triangle.

Step Two: Starting with the point of the triangle, start rolling it up. You’re trying to create a long piece of fabric that’s less than an inch wide.

Step Three: Place the bandana at the base of your hairline, then pull the loops to the top of your head.

Step Four: Tie a knot at the top of your head.

If you really love this look, consider investing in a cloth-wrapped wire headband that has been created just for this style. To maximize the retro appeal, add some cat-ye winged eyeliner.





Make Beauty Your Shift Dress With True Accessories

shiftAccessories can make an outfit extraordinary. Take a little black dress and add a spiky necklace and metallic heels, and voila — you’ve taken your look from nondescript to edgy urban chic. Switch out the necklace and heels for a string of pearls and a pair of tasteful flats, and you’re ready for an important business lunch. Learning the basic rules for accessorizing will help you bring out the best features of your wardrob.

Introduced during the 1960s, the shift dress revolutionised simplicity by not placing any style emphasis on the waist or bust. Because of its simplicity, shift dresses allow women to experiment with different types of accessories to enhance their appearance. Shift dresses allow women flexibility for dressing up or down, depending on the occasion, and choosing the right accessories for the shift dress helps women look their best

Accessorise with a Hat and Sunglasses

The two accessories do not have to go together, but the combination of a stylish hat to match an eye-popping pair of sunglasses augments the appearance of a shift dress. An oversized pair of black sunglasses and an oversized hat projects a diva image. Black sunglasses complement the colour of a black or red shift dress, while brighter coloured hats adds dazzle to multicoloured shift dresses. Wide brim hats convey a carefree disposition when worn with shift dresses.

Add a Belt

Although shift dresses do not accentuate a woman’s waist or bust, the dress does present a flattering figure that a skinny belt enhances. Worn a few centimetres above the hips, a skinny belt that matches the dress colour provides a useful way to accessorise a shift dress. However, thick belts can overwhelm the appearance of a shift dress. For a little more panache, women can wear a bright coloured belt against a black coloured shift dress. The colour contrast focuses the attention on the waistline. A supple leather belt makes a good accessory for a shift dress.

Select Appropriate Jewellery

Jewellery presents women with the most effective way to dress up for a formal event or upscale restaurant meal. A classic look that conveys elegance is wearing a strand of pearls over a black shift dress. Thick gold necklaces, bracelets, and watches also accessorise shift dresses effectively. Shift dresses provide the perfect garment for women to display oversized necklaces replete with gemstones. A more refined look includes pulling the hair up to show off sparkling chandelier earrings. Because of the simplicity presented by shift dresses, women should be careful not to wear too much jewellery.

Pair bold accessories with understated clothes

Neutral clothing can be completely transformed when you add a few bold accessories. If your wardrobe has a lot of neutrals like black, white, beige, olive or navy, accessorizing gives you a chance to play with fun colors and give your outfits a boost. The best thing about neutrals is that they look great with most other colors, so you don’t have to worry too much about making sure your accessories match your clothes. Here are a few ways to use bold accessories to add some life to your neutral outfits:

  • Pair a thin red or hot pink belt with a black or navy dress.
  • Wear a splashy orange or yellow scarf or shoes with khaki or olive-colored clothing.
  • Freshen up your white blouse with a multicolored statement necklace or big drop earrings.


New Moms Must Be Always Stylis With Accessories

momsThe most important thing as a new mom is to be kind and patient with yourself – it’s not an easy task bringing life into the world and caring for a little baby. Cut yourself some slack whenever you can – and pat yourself on the back when you’ve showered before 4pm. If you are pregnant or a new mom, chances are you have found yourself with a whole bunch of needs, which include accessories that you probably never even thought of.  Your body is changing, your life is different and you have a new baby, or one on the way.  Check out these accessories musts for expecting and new moms

Initials Jewelry

Carry your children with you even when you are not literally carrying them.  You can place your children’s initials on just about anything, but a beautiful place to do it is through your jewelry.  Alex Woo makes Little Letters where every letter has its own identity so you can carry your child’s name like a brand.   Plus, you can add on as your add on to your family

Nursing Scarves

If you plan on breastfeeding, having some nursing scarves on hand is smart.  It is likely you will need to breastfeed in public and, as you probably know, there continues to be a raging debate about doing this in plain sight.  You can choose basic styles, but it’s even smarter to choose scarves designed for breastfeeding specifically.

Pregnancy Music Belt

Studies have shown that playing music to your baby while in the womb has tremendous benefits.  It prepares the baby’s ears and brain to listen, creates a wonderful bonding experience for mom and baby, reduces stress levels during pregnancy, enhances the stimulation of your unborn baby’s growing brain, and improves sleeping patterns for a newborn baby.

While you could easily place speakers on your belly, you can also consider using a pregnancy music belt. This type of music device spreads the music across several points around the womb, ensuring that volume is not overly concentrated in any one place and thus causing harm to the baby.

Maternity Suspenders

Even when you’re not pregnant it can be hard to keep your pants up.  How often do you find yourself tugging at your skinny jeans to keep from revealing your muffing top.  Now imagine how tricky it can be to keep your pants up when you are pregnant?  That is why there are Maternity Suspenders which keeps your low-rise pants and skirts up! Undetectable under clothing and completely comfortable to wear.

Pocket Dots

If you love your maternity band but don’t like the way it slides up your back, Pocket Dots make it so you don’t have to tug and adjust it all day and to prevent showing too much skin.

Pregnancy Wedge

Sleeping is something that moms-to-be crave.  It can be so hard to get comfortable.  A pregnancy wedge is such a great solution.  When sleeping on your side it can be wedged under the belly for support and it can also be used in other areas for comfort too

Comfortable Shoes

There are so many reason that comfortable shoes are crucial when you are pregnant.  You feet will likely swell, you’ll be carrying extra weight and forget doing things like trying your shoes.  You don’t have to resign yourself to an unsightly pair of Crocs, but look for styles that are roomy, don’t have to be laced and are supportive and comfortable

Maternity Pants Extender

During that time when your pants are getting snug but you don’t necessarily need pregnancy pants, there are some solutions to help give you a little extra room around the waist.  The simple solution is to add a rubber band or hair band around the button and through the button hole.  If you want something a little more sophisticated, there are also belly bands designed specifically for this that will also grow as you do

Maternity Tights and Sheers

Let’s face it, wearing tights can be uncomfortable enough to wear even when you’re not pregnant.   Adding pregnancy to the mix introduces a whole new level of discomfort making maternity wearing tights an absolute nightmare.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Just like there are good and bad tights for regular wear, there are good and bad tights for pregnancy.  If you have to wear them, choose the best you can find.  Spanx makes pregnancy sheers with a lot of support and they are a top rated style by many moms-to-be

Belly Band Support

When that cute baby bump starts to get uncomfortable, you’ll wish for some support to ease your lower back pain and discomfort.  You’ll also want something that is breathable, comfortable and easy to wear, like this.

A belly band will also relieve pelvic area and joint fatigue and lessens spinal pressure due to unbalanced baby weight