Make Beauty Your Shift Dress With True Accessories

shiftAccessories can make an outfit extraordinary. Take a little black dress and add a spiky necklace and metallic heels, and voila — you’ve taken your look from nondescript to edgy urban chic. Switch out the necklace and heels for a string of pearls and a pair of tasteful flats, and you’re ready for an important business lunch. Learning the basic rules for accessorizing will help you bring out the best features of your wardrob.

Introduced during the 1960s, the shift dress revolutionised simplicity by not placing any style emphasis on the waist or bust. Because of its simplicity, shift dresses allow women to experiment with different types of accessories to enhance their appearance. Shift dresses allow women flexibility for dressing up or down, depending on the occasion, and choosing the right accessories for the shift dress helps women look their best

Accessorise with a Hat and Sunglasses

The two accessories do not have to go together, but the combination of a stylish hat to match an eye-popping pair of sunglasses augments the appearance of a shift dress. An oversized pair of black sunglasses and an oversized hat

New Moms Must Be Always Stylis With Accessories

momsThe most important thing as a new mom is to be kind and patient with yourself – it’s not an easy task bringing life into the world and caring for a little baby. Cut yourself some slack whenever you can – and pat yourself on the back when you’ve showered before 4pm. If you are pregnant or a new mom, chances are you have found yourself with a whole bunch of needs, which include accessories that you probably never even thought of.  Your body is changing, your life is different and you have a new baby, or one on the way.  Check out these accessories musts for expecting and new moms

Initials Jewelry

Carry your children with you even when you are not literally carrying them.  You can place your children’s initials on just about anything, but a beautiful place to do it is through your jewelry.  Alex Woo makes Little Letters where every letter has its own identity so you can carry your child’s name like a brand.   Plus, you can add on as your add on to your family


Tips For Summer Accessories You must buy

Dressing sharp can be difficult this season.
It’s hot!
You throw on shorts or chinos and a polo and that’s the outfit.
How can you stand out from the crowd with minimal options?The answer is common but often overlooked. Like always gentleman, it’s in the details. Summertime accessories are a little different.
They’re not your usual suspects like neckties. You want accessories are light colored, lightweight, and functional. Many guys (especially those who prefer to dress conservatively) stray from accessories. That’s a mistake. Accessories allow you to stand out and add a touch of your personality to your outfit.
must have summer accessories :

1. Quality Leather Portfolio or Notebook

Leather portfolios are a must have because of their practicality. Portfolios are the modern man’s day to night carry-on. Unlike the fanny pack from days of old, a portfolio provides the proper amount of space for all the essentials.

During the summer months, traveling light for leisure or work becomes a priority. Additionally, the great weather including warm days and cool nights are optimal backdrops for gaining inspiration for creating and managing personal and professional projects and plans.

A portfolio is a great accessory as it is useful for carrying:

  • Notepad

Tips for Fashionable in the summer

We’re in the middle of summer, but it’s never too late to vamp up your style game and finish out the season fashionably strong. If you’re looking for ways to update your wardrobe and keep cool, calm, and collected in the hot summer sun, start adding these items to your closet and never fail to impress, whether you’re at a summer barbecue or lamenting the loss of summer vacation in the office

Stylish Socks

When it’s time to pull off the deck shoes and put on some sneakers or dress shoes for the evening, men’s socks can be the perfect way to add some flair to your duds. The sock industry has become a major player in men’s fashion; what used to be a common commodity has now become a fashion statement piece. In 2014, socks were estimated to be a $5.6 billion dollar industry. Talk about fashion power. The best part of investing in some staple sock pieces is your ability to hone in on your own personal fashion references; from colors to prints to out-of-this-world designs, the sky is really the limit when it comes to your feet


Looking for a fashion piece that doesn’t cost the contents of your wallet?

Any Tips for try Summer Dresses

With the warmer weather finally here, we’ve been eyeing up our favourite summer dresses to see us through the season. From colourful abstract and floral prints to dramatic colour blocking to pretty pastels, we’ve got the hottest summer trends sewn up in our fashion team’s edit.

The wonderful thing about summer dresses is that they’re so versatile, which means that whatever your body shape or style, you’ll be able to find something that suits. Hate showing your arms? No problem, just opt for a flattering long sleeved summer dress instead. Or if you consider your legs to be your biggest trouble area, then we’ve got plenty of styles that will help you cover up your pins.

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with an hourglass figure, then you’ll look fantastic in tailored dresses that show off your curves. Got more of an apple body shape? Opt for a classic, wearable shift in a geometric print, like this tunic dress from La Redoute, £59. Meanwhile women with pear shapes should draw attention to their top halves with a detailed top number. Tall and slim? Show off your height with a floral dress.

Perfect for any occasion, you can dress your summer

Tips For Cold Weather style for keep you trendy

It’s time to stock up on some stylish winter buys now that that the cold weather is about to set in.
your winter wardrobe with a few key pieces and statement accessories
will make getting dressed for winter a cinch – no matter how low the
mercury dips!
From the hardworking bag that will toughen up your
look to a thermal top that you’ll actually want to wear and, of course,
all the winter accessories you need to beat the chill, shop our top ten
cold weather style buys now


These chic classics are perfect for keeping out the winter chill without
resorting to unsophistcated wool. Featuring leather and a cosy fleece lining, these John Lewis leather gloves are one accessory you should snap up today


If you haven’t already discovered Uniqlo’s cold weather secret weapon, this winter is the time to do it. The brand’s Heattech range of layered clothes and accessories are perfect for layering. Featuring special heat-retaining properties, they’re the extra layer than will

Style Tips for wearing socks that look trendy

One of the main objectives in summer is to look stylish whilst keeping cool and as we prepare to leave the end of summer days, men’s seasonal sartorial style is enjoying one final burst before the Autumnal leaves fall. Thanks to street style gods like Nick Kershaw and Oliver Cheshire, going sockless has never been trendier (or looked so good). However, in order to properly and comfortably achieve the look, there are certain rules that you should follow with the ´mankle´ which will allow you to champion the look without undermining the hygiene or style ranks.

1. Invest In Invisible Socks

Unless you are one of the 1% of people who like rancid smelling shoes and yellow nail infections, going sockless is one area which can have a really negative impact on the health of your feet. The whole point of the style is to ´create´ the illusion of bare feet whilst avoiding the damp, squishy reality that going barefoot so easily accommodates. Rather than attracting a steady accumulation of sweat (which will eventually form into a pungent spot), by investing in a quality pair of invisible socks, you can maintain the life of your footwear and the health of your feet for